Day 4 — cottage life.

I enjoy small spaces. They make you want to run out and do something. All you really need is a nice clean place to lay your head in. A small kitchen to prepare good meals. Life is simple, especially when you can walk to the beach.

I’ve been getting into the groove of things. It’s become a ritual to begin my day by walking or running to the beach. Before that, I greet myself with a home cooked breakfast.

On my walk, I’m entertained by the cooing of the insects and the sea breeze that hits your face. When I open my mouth I can taste the salt. Really early in the morning mist and salt take space in the air, it gives my walks a very mystical vibe.

The air will get so thick with cloud matter that it almost feels like you’re in one. The ocean and the clouds meet so close that it feels like a figure of some heavenly kind will appear in the twists of light. I think I just walked into the gates of Heaven.

By the afternoon the sky clears up and you begin to recognize the lush nature the ocean provides for us.

I’ve taken it upon myself to baptize myself with the ocean water. I was reading in my book, Women Who Run With The Wolves, about the history in cleansing yourself with water and how it still resonates with the life-death-life cycle.

I’m not the woman of my past, but she is still celebrated because she is my teacher today.

Someone abusive to my nature from my past life tried to connect with me yesterday. I had no sympathy in rejecting them. I will respect the lessons they brought me, but I don’t keep souvenirs of mistakes I’ve made. Lessons bring you values, too many, can also devalue you. The invisible scars on my heart are enough to remind me to stay away from certain folks. I’m also learning that they don’t mean to cause harm, it’s just in human nature to hurt when we are hurting. Unfortunately. For some. That’s sad.

I like this time alone. I get to restore myself. The world takes so much away from me. At times. Much like a bird that flies from home to home, I like to also coop up in my own nest and take time to lay my own eggs.

Well… yeah. This is a beautiful life. And I get to live it today.

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