Cottage Life — Day 10

I am not going to start this blog post out formally.

I am drinking a glass of red wine from Argentina.

With that being said, why is everyone from high school already deciding that at 26 they want to get married and settle down?
Do you even know yourselves enough? *Judging* lol!
It’s funny, all of my girlfriends (who have completely different lifestyles) always talk about that. Maybe it’s because I live in New York and there isn’t a pressure to tie the knot. Then again, I know a few people from my high school that have lived in New York for quite some time and are doing just that.
It feels just like yesterday when my 10th grade English teacher sat us around in a circle and asked us to open up. I was too cool for that so I said I wanted to be a rapper. Hah! I didn’t. I was just anti-feelings. But I do remember one girl announced that her parents were divorcing and she began to cry. Well, divorce rates have gone up immensely…I thought we would’ve learned.

Okay, maybe I am being negative but I’ve seen a different side of people in the real world. You know…the type that settle down too fast and before they know it they have three kids, a full-time job with a mortgage and wish they could rewind. I wouldn’t want to settle down until I am somewhere in my mid 30’s. To each their own. I guess I just need more time.

I actually got some work done today. I think it’s because I mediated at the beach today. There is going to be a solar eclipse happening sometime soon.

I walked through this secret garden today and I was surrounded by bunnies. I texted my dear friend Seven and mentioned that they reminded me of Bre. Seven suggested that it was Bre’s way of saying hi. It’s interesting because I’ve spent my time here asking these spirit guides to lead me into the right direction.

“Just give me a hint.”

“maybe it will come to me in my dreams”

*has a dream about being drunk*


Bre was a writer. If Seven is right, maybe the sign is that I just need to keep writing…

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