Cottage life – Day 7

There is one type of energy that you don’t want ringing on your doorbell.

It’s the “Wake up. and Grow up.” Truth be told, I wish I could stay behind these white picket fences and be happy but I’ve had an itch to go beyond what I’m safe with.

I am just afraid of the toggling. Being on your own is tough, but growth seems necessary.

Today the door bell rang and said that I had 7 more weeks to figure it out. My mood began to deflate. I know I have to face that reality, but hearing it out loud put a damper on my un-made up mind. Damn it. Why can’t I just figure it out.

Meanwhile, one of my friends (who is basking in the real world) just dealt with an atrocious shooting at her apartment…as well as the paying and nonpaying roommates that have been giving her hell. Would I have to put up with that?

Can I do it? I did it once, twice…and now my third. I’m somewhere between “Do I really have to?” to “I have to.”

Sacrifice is going to be a big theme in the coming months. I just hope it’ll all be worth it.

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