Cottage life – Day 9

I haven’t stumbled upon any new ideas. I’ve just come to term with a lot of things…. like ….

is it just me or did it take everyone else a while to accept that things don’t happen in the snap of fingers? (Blame Bewitched)

Specifically: relationships.

They are a lot of work. You’re not always running hand in hand through a field of daisies. Sometimes you have to walk on fire or dive deep into the ocean. Or worse… just walk on boring old concrete.

It seems like a no brainer (as mentioned above, I haven’t come up with any new ideas!) but everyone I know struggles with this.

As soon as relationships get difficult or boring people want to venture out. Sometimes it’s worth it and sometimes others find that they’ve made a big mistake.

I have one friend who jumps from relationship to relationship because she feels as if they just stop working out. The excitement runs out of gas. Truth is, you have to nurture your relationship the same way you maintain your car. If you keep getting rid of every car you buy over simple mishaps, than you’ll end up (broke) taking the bus and completely missing out on the joys of having your own ride. (Figuratively speaking — I enjoy public transportation).

Granted, some cars are worth tossing. Just like relationships. Sometimes they just don’t work because they are so beat up.

I’ve been reading this book (Women Who Run With The Wolves) and the author (who is a genius analysis) dissects old folktales and parallels them with real life. Her chapter on Skeleton Woman portrays the values of working things out in relationships.

In her analysis she finds that those we fear to love are usually best for us.

The Scorpio in me laughed because I remember every man I scared away with my rage, passion and deep rooted issues … just to find them in my inbox years later asking for a chance. There is beauty once you learn to respect the thorns. There is also beauty in good timing. I never go back.

The author also advises female readers to not solely dive into relationships with men who give them the “spark” (or the excitement)… no, it’s best to seek relationships with those that want to understand you. It’s no use in giving away your treasures to those who aren’t willing to dig for it.

In my own poetic discoveries, I’ve come to realize that nature reflects love.

The ocean:

If you look closely into the horizon — where water meets sky — you can witness a white line — the same one that appears just above our lips before it meets the skin under our nose.

If you watch/hear the waves it gives code on the ways of kissing. The waves overlapping one another symbolize the rhythm of the lover’s lips’ embracing. The loud roar of the waters colliding is the glimpse of the tongue making an appearance. Short but powerful.

This is only day 9 in the cottage, I hope to have more than just prophetic analogies. Ha.

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