I just woke up from a dream. I was sitting at the same hospital my father had been in. Sitting next to me was a stranger, but he seemed so familiar. We had to write a song based off of the word ‘withdraw.’ We chuckled. We both had our experiences. I felt an embrace, not physical, but a warmth from the soul. In darkness you can always find a friend that reflects the most disturbing part of the human condition. I was selfish once…too many times. Chasing highs to balance out the lows. I traveled to the underworld and met many demons. Some handsome and some so wretched that I wondered if they had any spirit left. When I become more enlightened, I descended. Often, during a sunset or on a long drive home. I think of those people I met along the rode. I wonder if they’ve discovered ways to grow…or if they are still enjoying the violet shades of gloom. I can still feel that feeling of having it all and losing it in seconds.

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